3 Sure Fire Ways to Lose 14lbs or More Before This Years Holiday

Around this time of year when the holidays season begins, for some reason
people start to gain some excess weight. Some gain it because of all the food
they consume during holiday functions. Some gain it because they are not as
active as they are during the rest of the year. Some gain weight because they
were on that path to begin with and the rest well they gain it only to try to lose
it during there so called “New Years Resolutions”.  But at the end of it all
statistics say that  the average American will gain 10-12lbs during the holidays

“Developing the habit of exercise is one of the most important things we work
on here at Results 4 Sure Personal Training” says owner Rafael Moret. “If our
clients do not develop a habit of working out then they will most likely lose all of
the results they worked for while they were with us”. If some one can start an
exercise program before the holidays and see noticeable results they are more
likely to continue it on to the next year. Exercising with a group of people
develops motivation and commitment to the group. “This is why we are
launching our Fitness Boot Camp group exercise program now, to give people a
jump start into this years holiday season”.

What kind of difference would the loss of 14 or more pounds make on your
health, wellbeing and lifestyle?
How many great outfits could you fit into for all of the party’s you plan on
attending? How awesome would it be getting a jumpstart on your eventual  
weight loss Resolution for the New Year?  “These are all of the question we
answer  at the boot camp when we help our clients get the results they want”
says Rafael.

What are the 3 Sure fire ways, simple Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The
three days a week that the boot camp runs. Exercising in a boot camp style
workout three times per week, with professional supervision for six weeks
guarantees anyone and everyone that participates RESULTS, according to