Hi Everyone,

Here are your 7 Steps
to get into your
Skinny Jeans
in 29 days or less…

Here is what you will learn:

Yes, You CAN get back into your skinny jeans—
here’s how
Why am I Overweight?

7 Easy Steps to
Success 9
STEP 1 – Education
The Dieter’s Dilemma
How can I raise my metabolism?

STEP 2 – Resistance Training
The Benefits of Resistance Training
A Beginner’s Guide

STEP 3 – Cardio Training
Got Cardio? Try Walking

STEP 4 – Nutrition 31
3 Easy Ways to Drop 10 Pounds
The Truth about Convenience Foods
The Food Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss
What Should I Eat?

STEP 5 – Challenge
Missing Results? Try Interval Training

STEP 6 – Support & Motivation
Battle of the Will


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