Cardiovascular Training:  Fat Burning The Right Way
By Allen Hill, Jr.  CFT, SPN

I’ve already mentioned that resistance training will increase the amount of
calories your body burns throughout the day (even while you sleep).  But what
else can you do to speed the fat burning process?

Cardiovascular training (such as walking on the treadmill, using a stair
machine, etc.) will greatly enhance the rate at which your body burns calories.

There are 3500 calories in a single pound of body fat.  Cardiovascular training
(cardio for short) performed after your resistance training will do a lot to use
this stored energy for fuel.

Determining Your Target Heart Rate For Maximum Fat Burning
To effectively burn body fat for fuel, you should keep your heart rate a 50-70%
of your estimated maximum heart rate.  Working at a faster pace will do more to
condition your heart and lungs, but will not use fat for fuel.  Work slower than
50% of your max heart rate and you won’t see much in the way of results.

Here’s a simple formula to determine your maximum heart rate, and therefore,
your target heart rate for burning away your stubborn body fat…

Take the number 220 and subtract your age.  This will give you your estimated
maximum heart rate.  Then simply multiply that number by 50% to determine
the minimum number of times your heart should beat per minute to use stored
body fat for fuel.  Now, multiply your max heart rate by 70%.  This is the
maximum number of times your heart should beat per minute before you move
out of the fat burning range.

For example, if you are 42 years old, your estimated max heart rate is 178 (220-
42= 178).

Now multiply 178 by 50% (178 x .5=89).  Your heart should beat at least 89
times per minute to start burning stored body fat for fuel.  At the high end your
heart should beat no more than 124 times per minute (178 x .7=124.6).  Any
higher than 124 beats per minute will condition your cardiovascular system, but
won’t do much in the way of fat burning.

As long as you keep your heart rate between 50-70% of your estimated max
heart rate, your body will be a finely tuned fat burning machine!

Remember, if you’re not accustomed to vigorous exercise, it won’t be hard at all
to get into the fat burning zone.  You may have to pay special attention not to
go over 70% of your max heart rate until you get into a little better shape.  Your
trainer can always help you determine your target heart rate if you have any
questions.  Just ask.  We’re always glad to help!
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