Dear Friends,

If you've ever reduced calories, carbohydrates, dietary fat and/or the number of meals you've
become accustomed to eating throughout the day in an effort to lose weight you were likely
successful; at least in the beginning! If however; you're like 99.9% of the American population who
have engaged this quick-fix approach to short-term weight loss only to gain it all back again and then
some; welcome to the "Pitfalls of American Dieting"! A 60-billion-dollar-a-year industry fueled by
false concepts, quick-fix mindsets and misleading testimonials! Think about it; if your calorie intake
were really the reason for your current level of fitness, then why are so many thin, healthy and lean
people able to eat as much as they want; whenever they want, and never gain a pound? Conversely,
why do others eat practically nothing all day and exercise for hours on end without ever losing a

Answer: Weight loss and/or weight gain IS NOT a function of calorie intake.                              

So, if you're tired of the Yo-Yo dieting craze; (losing weight only to gain it back again), craving sugar
and dreading the thought of exercise, your worries are over!!
Your Nutrition House Call and The
S.E.A.R.S.-4 Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program is the answer. It has been
specifically designed to teach You how to Reprogram YOUR BODY to be Fit, Healthy and Lean for
the rest of your life! All without leaving your home.

We Will Come To You!
If you live in our area of South Florida we will make A House Call and come to Your home, you
never have to leave your home. If you live outside of the South Florida area...No Problem our online
consulting feature allows us to work with YOU via the Internet. We can do the evaluation with the
use of e-mail, the phone and our inter-active software.
Your name:
Your email
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Your Stats:
You set the goal, we’ll provide the path

Want to know exactly how you should eat to reach your health and fitness goals
without giving up the food you like? Get yourself off and running with our exclusive
program that designs the perfect combination of foods based on your goals and

A customized evaluation will show you how you can see results faster through proper

Forget the hype! No matter what diet plan is hot right now, we know that everyone has
their own personal needs when it comes to optimal nutrition. Let us  help you
determine the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat to keep you
feeling your absolute best.

A customized menu plan will be designed with your goals and favorite foods in mind.
We'll also let you know what supplements complement your plan and lifestyle.
Ongoing coaching sessions monitor your progress and provide important lifestyle

Looking for a complete fitness system that delivers safe,
effective and
GUARANTEED results? Our all-inclusive option
gives you personalized recommendations for nutrition and
supplementation in addition to cardiorespiratory and
resistance-exercise programs.
All are done without you needing to leave your home.
We will come to You with our unique House Call or Via
Internet inter-activity!

No one has to know.
You can tell your friends your doing it all on you own.

Cardiorespiratory Training

Is your time valuable?

How do you know if you're performing the correct cardiorespiratory regimen, and in the
amount,type and intensity needed to maximize your valuable time and reach your fitness

Let us show you
SECRET proven methods to make every minute count and spend less
time doing it with faster results .(page 14)

Resistance Training

Redefine Yourself.

Did you know that, in addition to increasing calorie-burning muscle, resistance training
can also provide you with increased strength, balance, coordination and power needed to
enhance any activity used to burn calories or increase performance?

We'll show you a resistance-training program conducive to your goals and physical
capabilities that is fun and effective, and produces results in half the time.(page 17)

Food Intake

Eat Smart, Not Less.

Did you know that improper nutrition is the single greatest obstacle in
achieving your ideal body?
Your eating less , When you probably need to be
eating more!(pages 7-9)

If your goal is to improve your appearance, exercise alone won't get the job done.

We'll show you how to monitor and modify your food intake to keep you feeling satisfied
and energetic with the food you like to eat.

Personal Assistance

Get With The Program.

Do you know how the 4 Components work together to result in the shortest amount of
time? With Our
NEW "Nutrition House Call Secrets Revealed" eBook
you don't have to go it alone. We'll show you how we can provide you with personalized
and professional
guidance with every aspect of your training program.

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Nutrition House Call
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We will come to you home and provide you

  • Customized Meal Plans Based on the Foods You

  • 3 Menus

  • Body Composition Test

  • Body Fat Analysis

  • Body Mass Index

  • Basal Metabolic Rate
(How Many Calories YOU Need)

  • Custom Resistance Training Program

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It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning!
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