S.E.A.R.S. 4
Body Transformation Program
“The Body, The Look or The
Sports Performance You
Have Always Wanted!”

We Know You Have Many Fitness Goals


Of All of Them, Which is The Most

What Physical Changes Need To Take
Place In The Mirror?

What’s Going To Happen 3 Months
From Now If You Don’t Take Action?

6 Months…?
Dear Member,

There are 4 components necessary to achieve the Fitness
Results you desire and these are the 4 components in:          
The S.E.A.R.S. 4 Program

  1. S.upportive E.ating – Not Starving Yourself.
  2. The Right Amount of A.erobic Activity (Cardio) - Not A
    lot of it, just the right amount.
  3. A Concern for Muscle - R.esistance Training – Not
    training so hard that your body can’t function.
  4. S.upplementation - Taking the right supplements

If you want to think a little bit, to find out more, and to assess
whether or not you really "need" a program aimed at physical
betterment, let’s start here . . .

  • Would You wear a bathing suit in public.  
  • Can You carry a 35 pound suitcase through the airport.  
  • Can You move your couch from one side of the room to
    the other.  
  • Can You Run a mile.  Was that easy?

That was your fitness assessment.

Let's be honest.  Most people aren't in love with their mirrors.  
Most people couldn't imagine fitting into pants they wore way
back when.  Most people find themselves winded at even
modest physical exertion.  Most people need clarity as to how to
regain vitality, physical appeal, and a sense of control.  That's
precisely what the
S.E.A.R.S. 4 Program delivers!

Nobody can honestly promise that in a few weeks you'll be
proud to lug your suitcase through the airport wearing a bathing
suit . . . but we do boldly promise you'll notice things.  Good
things.  Thrilling things.

  • If fat loss is a goal, you'll have noticeably less fat.
  • If energy is compromised radical energy increases are
  • You'll see indisputable evidence metabolism is speeding
  • Daily tasks and challenges will be met with greater ease.
  • Endurance and stamina will increase dramatically.
  • You'll notice more firmness, tone, and definition.
  • Athletes will notice distinctive performance increases.
  • Best of all  . . . you'll know precisely how to keep
    progress consistent and ongoing!

With a newfound knowledge of the proven strategy of physical
improvement, there are very few limits on your ability to take
things as far as you'd like.

  • You'll know how to continually release fat and burn it as
    fuel, boosting your body's caloric expenditure every step
    of the way.

  • You'll find mirrors and bathing suits become far less
    intimidating, in fact, with a bit of stick-to-it-iveness you'll
    embrace them.

  • While others around you complain of aches, pains, and a
    lack of energy, you'll run figurative circles around them
    knowing as you become chronologically older you're
    resetting the clock to ensure you're biologically younger.

There isn't any magic.  
There's only truth . . . and synergy.

How Can Anyone Offer a Program and GUARANTEE Fat

Well We Can!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

You’ll Discover How To Do All Of That,


The S.E.A.R.S. 4 system works for everyone!  I know what
you’re thinking, “That can’t be – everyone is different – no
single solution works for all people!”

Allow me to shoot a big hole through that myth:

What About Bio-Individuality?

Everyone is so different.  Different metabolisms, different
goals, different rates of oxidation, different body compositions,
different this, different that, and different everything.  The idea
of “personalizing” a program was actually the obstacle that
prevented us from providing “everyone” with the plan they

Luckily, mistakes often make way for new achievement, and in
the case of my frustration with my inability to reach
“everyone,” the 15-week program was created!

A System That Truly Creates Physical Change…For Everyone

We decided that as long as we can educate people, minimize the
power of their existing false beliefs, and share with them the
true system that creates physical change, the people we reach
become empowered.  We also discovered that given the
knowledge, people can do things they previously thought
outside of the realms of possibility.  In order to reach
“everyone” with a plan, a guide, a blueprint for physical
success, we had to teach them to understand their own bio-
individuality, and then provide them the program with a
structure that would benefit all.

My time doesn’t let me commit to 15 weeks. What can I do?

We have developed a shorter version of the program that goes
for 8 weeks.

The S.E.A.R.S. 4 Program is 16 weeks

Here’s What You Get In TRANSFORM!

The 16-Week Body Transformation Overview:

36 One on One Personal Fitness Training Sessions* (A
$1600 Value)

Weeks 1-4 Metabolism Boosting (2x per week)*

Weeks 5-6 Building Lean Muscles (2x per week)*

Weeks 7-10 Shaping Muscle (3 times per week)*

Weeks 11-14 Fat Burning (3x per week)*

Week 15-16 Active Recovery (2x last week)*

Customized Nutrition And Training Journal
(An $89 Value)

Weekly Body Assessments and Composition Measurements
(A $600 Value)

Bi-Weekly 20 minute SMR & Active Stretching Session (A
$300 Value)

A Copy of “The Body Fat Removal System”
(A $39 Value)

A Copy of “The Top 10 Fad Diets Review”
(A $27 Value)

The Program has a Retail Value of well over $2,000 but
the Idea that you can finally truly change your body with
no gimmicks
is priceless!

Ok, Ok. What’s The Investment
To Get S.E.A.R.S. 4?

The 16 week program can be pain if full for $1260or
broken into 3 easy payment of

You have read this far for good reasons. Don't back out
Now is your chance to take melt fat, gain
lean athletic muscle and get into the best shape of
your life. How much is it worth to you to look
AND feel better?

Take Control of  Your Body

p.s. If you are ready to eat healthier and take complete control
of your body,
click here and sign up today. For less than $9 a
day, you have almost nothing to lose...

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•        How to stoke your metabolic
furnace so fat loss becomes automatic
and almost instantaneous using a
combination of the caloric stagger,
manipulation, and a no-fail training

•        How an ingenious twist on
periodization makes strength and lean
muscle improvement as certain as the
sunrise, regardless of anyone’s
present fitness level

•        Understand how you will get
even faster results by eating more and
exercising less – which is exactly what
they want

•        How to re-set your metabolic
thermostat so metabolic boosts can be
documented with just 12 minutes of
aerobic exercise a day, even with
advanced athletes!

•        How “functional training” and
“working the core” can be
implemented into a real-world program
without it appearing odd, overly
difficult, or threatening

•        How to facilitate a radical
increase in energy so powerful, it’s
like being hooked up to a Red Bull I.V.

•        How you can keep results
consistent and ongoing without ever
having to avoid their favorite foods

•        How you can manipulate bodyfat
and muscle without running the risk of
overtraining or stimulating a sense of

•        How to control hormonal factors
such as insulin, glucagon, TSH, T3, T4,
and cortisol to create the optimal
internal environment for positive
physical change

Rafael Moret, CSCS, CPT-NASM
by MORE-T Health Inc.

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