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What Are You Addicted To???
Dear Friends,

It's FINALLY here! Our fabulous new product exclusively for Boot
Camp Instructors and Boot CAMPERS!!!!

I’m only telling our most valued customers about this exciting new
product before anyone else. That way you can have the first
opportunity to take advantage the new ADDICTED to BOOTCamp T-
shirts, before the general public even finds out about it.

Here’s what makes our New line of T-shirts so incredible:

"Very Simply put there will be nothing else like
this out there, these are all original and

But that’s not all....We Will Have Over 22 Designs to Chose From!

There is one condition, though. Since we are only offering this  to a
few select Instructors and Campers, I would ask that you be discreet .
Please do not tell any of the other Boot Camps waiting about this
special offer since they might not be aware of this ADDICTION.

So if you’ve ever wanted to represent your Camp or Let EVERYONE
know YOU are ADDICTED to Boot Camp - now is the time to act.
Please call my office at 754-244-9102 if you have questions. Or if you
have any other questions, email me at and
I will be happy to answer them for you.

Thank you for being part of such a wonderful Addiction. I look
forward to hearing from you again soon.


Rafael Moret,CSCS
South Florida Fitness Boot Camps

P.S. If you’d like additional information on these new T's , or would
like a custom order please email me