Aventura's Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp eliminates unwanted fat, trims and tones, flattens
your waistline without any useless cardio!!!
"Who Else Wants To Tighten and Tone Their
Arms and Legs And Get A Flat Mid-Section
With The "New" Aventura Outdoor Fitness
Boot Camp That Melts Fat Without Any Boring
AVENTURA Fitness Boot Camp
Aventura Boot Camp
Warning: Do NOT invest ANY money
in any fitness program (including this
one) unless it meets the following 6

There are 6 things you should absolutely, positively
look for in any fitness program you invest money in.

Number 1,
is that the exercises are tailored to your fitness
level. If the exercises are not customized to fit your ability,
then it shouldn't be a program that you follow.

Number 2, is that the workout involves all components of
fitness: strength training, cardiovascular training and
flexibility training.

Number 3, the workouts should be challenging enough so
that you get results!

Number 4, the workouts should offer plenty of variety.

Number 5, the workouts should be fun.

And number 6, the fitness program should offer an
unconditional money back guarantee.

Our  Aventura fitness boot camp meets all 6 of these
Yes Rafael ,

I would like to save hundreds of dollars of what it would cost
me to hire a personal trainer, and I would like to register for
your 4 week Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp in Aventura which
begins on: March 1st 2010

I understand class is 3 times per week, Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 11:15am at Highland Oaks

I Know What You Must Be Thinking...

“Ive heard it's hard..it sounds  intense and I’m out of shape,
will I be able to do it? And keep up everyone else?

Here is the BEST part….

You will never be left behind..Our classes are all timed based,
So it's you, me and the stop watch...

I understand everyone's fitness levels are going to be

So if it's your first day you will be ok, and if it's your 6th
month it will still be intense

So Why Does My Boot Camp Formula Work?

Good Question!!!!

Let me explain….

A lot of times people ask and even argue with me on why I
don't do any Traditional "cardio" in my Boot Camps...

Well I usually have 1 of 2 responses, the first one is:

"Why would you pay to have someone tell you to
go for a run?"
Some people don't like that answer..

My other answer is: "Well what is your fitness goal? Is it to
enhance your cardio respiratory endurance? or Is it to Lose
weight, Burn Fat, build some lean quality muscle?

If the answer is to lose weight, Burn Fat and build
lean quality muscle,
which it usually is, then I say well
that's what we do in my bootcamps..we use the most effective
way possible to get you the results you want.

"Why do we have to use resistance (weights) if I want to lose
weight?" is another question I get asked alot...

How much muscle do you need if you want to lose weight?

Here's what we know for sure - Muscle burns calories. About 5
times as many calories as the same amount of fat does. The
more lean muscle you have..the more calories you will burn...
even if you are just sitting around doing nothing.

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue -- increase your muscle  
and your metabolism goes up, reduce your muscle  and your
metabolism goes down. Everyone agrees on that.

So in Boot Camp:
We use bands and weights for resistance to build and
shape some lean muscle.
We train fast and by time to get your Heart Rate going
We do Full Body workout because that's the way your
body moves and we can burn more calories that way
We Never repeat the same workout, Twice

We Start MONDAY...
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