"How To Avoid Wasting Your Money When
Searching For A Trainer"

Don’t get even interview trainers unless you’re done

Procrastination is something that we all go through
when deciding to hire a trainer.

However, unless procrastination is removed, finding a
trainer will be an unsuccessful endeavor.

You may be all excited about starting a new program,
ready to lose weight, feel great, and get energy, but
if procrastination is within you, you’ll end up wasting
you money and feeling resentful towards fitness.

Since we all experience procrastination throughout
our decision to hire a trainer, here is the
best way to attack it. Procrastination can be eliminated
by only two things:

1. Commitment
2. Action

“Talking” about commitment is the easy part. We all
can be heard telling our friends, “When I make a
commitment, I stick to it!” Or, “Once I put my mind
to something, I achieve it!”  This is called “Talk.”

“Walking” through the commitment is the hard part.
This is when you actual do the steps to follow through
with the commitment and force results to happen. This
is called “ACTION.”

Once you remove the “talk” and replace it with
“action,” procrastination gets destroyed and
replaced with motivation. Motive + action =

When you take action on your commitment to a trainer,
your procrastination will disappear and you’ll be
ready make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

If you hire a trainer just to ease your
conscience, and without total commitment, procrastination
will continue to take over, and the whole project will
be a waste of money.

Are you ready to take action? Are you ready to invest
in your “life insurance policy that pays you during
YOUR lifetime?”
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