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Salsa For Weight Loss?

In physical exercise, aerobic exercise is literally means "with oxygen",
refers to the use of oxygen in muscles' energy-generating process.
exercise, which is also referred to as Cardio, includes any type of
typically those performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended
of time, that maintain an increased heart rate. In such exercise,
oxygen is used
to "burn" fats and glucose.

“But why do people think they have to get on a treadmill or bike at the
gym to
do their Cardio?” says Rafael Moret,CSCS, President of Results 4 Sure
Training (www.Results4Sure.com). “After a while walking on the
treadmill or
riding the bike at the gym is boring, and you don’t want that”. People
only do their cardio indoors once per week, the rest of the aerobic
should come from an outside activity. People want to have fun with
workouts and develop habits that will become part of their lifestyle.
Dancing, not Salsa Aerobics, is the one that we encourage the most.”
Salsa is a
dance that can evoke the wild, untamed spirit in us all. If you’re tired
of going to
the gym, tired of working out to music that doesn't inspire you, then
why not
dance and get a great workout at the same time to music you’ll love. It
is perfect
for those who want to burn calories and learn Latin dancing at the
same time!

“The reason we encourage dance class vs. aerobic class is because of
Lifestyle enhancing qualities it provides,” says Moret. Exercising has
to be part
of your life not just a phase, if you are looking to lose weight or simple
stay in
shape. Sometimes, aerobic classes are very repetitious and don’t
actually teach
skills you can use on the Dance floor, which create a lifestyle that
people will
enjoy and not seem like its work, and that guarantees weight loss and
cardiovascular activity. SALSA is hot, sexy, fun and easy to follow.
Salsa is
absolutely captivating for those who dance, and for those who observe.

Want to know what kind of results you can expect? Well, in a 1hour
class the
average person can burn 300-600 calories. That is about the same
amount of
calories you would burn in a traditional “Spinning” class or 1 hour on
trainer with heavy resistance.

“When our clients live in the South Florida area we send them to Tony
Salsabor Tropical (www.SalsaborTropical.com ).For our Central
Florida clients
we refer them to Eric at Universal Mambo (www.UniversalMambo.
com ).” says
Rafael. “Our clients expect results that will last a lifetime and we
provide that be
helping them develop a better lifestyle”.

Are you ready to take action? Are you ready to invest
in your “life insurance policy that pays you during
YOUR lifetime?”

If so, click below. I'm standing by to help you

Rafael Moret

Results 4 Sure Personal Fitness Coaching
701 NW 141st ave
Pembroke Pines,FL 33028