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The buzz about our Bootcamp, is
off the charts. We keep selling out -- and it's just
for ONE works!!..We Deliver RESULTS

"In Only 45 Minutes You Can
Quickly and Easily Increase Your
Metabolism by 317%, Burn Off A
Ton Of FAT  and Build Some
Quality Lean Muscle...

Without "Traditional" CARDIO!"

Are you tired of being inside the "GYM" ?

Want an intense workout that won't take 3

Is Cardio Alone not working for you?

Then it's time to show up for our Outdoor Fitness
Training Boot Camp Workouts!!!
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"I Don't Care If You're Skeptical. I
Don't Care If You've Been Scammed
Over And Over. I Don't Care If You're
Convinced You'd Rather Suffer Over
The Way You Look, Over The Risk Of
Getting Let Down Again..."

"...Because I'm Going To Pour Bucket After Bucket Of
Ice-Cold Water Over Your Head Until You Wake Up
And Seize This Opportunity That's Helped Literally
Hundreds Of People... Just Like You... Build The
Body's They Wanted... Working Out A Few Minutes
Per Day 3 Times Per Week WITHOUT Joining A Gym"

Have you ever felt like the more you learn about fitness and exercise the more
confused you get?

You know that it takes commitment, dedication, and effort if you’re going to build
the body you want. You know it isn’t going to happen overnight. And anybody who
tells you so shouldn’t be trusted.

You know that those people who are truly in shape, (not those who just workout
and see no RESULTS!) those that enjoy the benefits of their all day,
a fast metabolism, the body they want, an all natural high; didn’t do it overnight.

But you know the opportunity is there, it’s real, and it’s worth the effort you’re
willing to make.

I know that many of you spend
countless hours in the gym every month, doing
cardio, weight , classes and My favorite starting and stopping Fads and Diets....

Atkins, South Beach Diet,  Pilates,  Zumba, Rumba, Low Carb, High
Carb, Ab Zappers, Fat Burners, Protein Shakes, Hoodia, ...

and then “Oh my gosh! I discovered another fitness guru who says...” and
on, and on, and on!

After all of this “education”, the hours and hours of effort, self
sacrifice, money invested, dedication, and tenacity, not to mention
problems and the everyday challenges of life – many of your heads are
so full of mush, you feel like your only options are to cry, give up, throw
up, scream, or just slip into a drooling, catatonic state of shock!

I also know that many of you have never worked out this hard
at any other time in your life.

Well let me tell you something. I’m fed up too!

I’m fed up with the lack of sincerity in health & fitness and especially on the
Internet. I’m fed up with people taking your hard earned money just to line their
own coffers without regard for you and your goals. I’m fed up with those
“professional organizations” whose crass attitude toward their customers is an
abomination and all they want to do is
SELL you a pill to get you in shape.

So... I’m going to do something that I’ve never seen in South      
Florida done before.

Look At What Our Campers Are Saying:

"After feeling horrible for a few years and gaining lots of
weight, I decided to seek help and found you guys.

I'm happy to report that I feel excellent. I am sleeping better. I am
eating small amounts of good food, five times a day -- and have
eliminated eating entire meals at Dunkin Donuts. I have not weighed myself,
but I know by the fit of my clothes that I have lost weight. My fiance
says I look great. I am much more comfortable in my body, and I'm nowhere
near finished!
The program has allowed me to achieve great
results in a short period of time --without hunger or vast amounts of pain."
From: Rafael Moret,CSCS,NASM-CPT
Thursday February 19th, 2:18pm

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New York Times
"With so much
emphasis put on core
and functional training,
the timing is right for
suspension training..."

A Good Workout
Fitness Magazine
"The movements require
you to stay balanced and
aligned, so you hit
muscles you could never

It's a Super Toner!:
IDEA Fitness Journal
"The key to adding
resistance to exercises in
an outdoor environment
is body weight. The
TRX-Pro Suspension
Trainer is a new piece of
equipment that lets you
use body weight to
perform literally hundreds
of exercise progressions
for every body part and
plane of motion..."

How To Succeed at the
Businsess of Boot Camp:
Men's Fitness Magazine
"I like the fact that it's
flexible,' Ward says. 'You
can go from one exercise
to another quickly'...."

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