Just want to lose my waist

Most people start a diet or exercise program and say to themselves “ I
want to lose a few inches around the waist” or “ I want to lose some fat
around the hips” or even “I’d like to gain an inch or two around the
arms”. Not going to happen in just that one area. Your body works as
a unit, so you will loose 10 pounds overall or you will not. You are not
going to loose 10 pounds in you midsection or your legs or in any
other specific place you would like. That is why you need to systemize
your approach. Nutrition and Education are very important and I will
discuss them later but how you systematize your exercise approach
can greatly affect how fast you see Results. Exercise will help anyone.
How you combine the exercises, when you do them, how you do them,
and when you do them will determine how much and how fats they will