We Are Making It A September 1st
One Day Savings Event.

Event #1:

I have gotten a few request in the last 2 weeks for
Private Coaching..
.I have 2 Spots open

So in our First Saving event we have 22 Private
Coaching Sessions .
Regular Value For These Sessions: $1,430

Sept 1st 1 Day Savings: $997
Buy it here and save $433



Our Boot Camps are Normally 3 times per week for 4
weeks, and go for $249 for the 4 weeks.

We know and understand that Investing in your health
and fitness is ALWAYS a Good investment.

So before you go out and buy  a New TV...Invest in
your health and Save.

Get 6 Months of UNLIMITED Bootcamp..(Wait that
means any camp location we have at any time you
want as much as you want)
for $987...You save $507...WOW!!!

Get 6 Month for $987

Here =>>

= OR =

If you are Not Sure about Boot camp yet, Get 4 weeks
of Bootcamp + our 28 Day Fat BLASTING Meal Plan
for $277

We Normally offer this for $328

Here =>>

Ok...I will have this page up until 1pm...I don't know
have many of these we will sell.

But here is a chance to save MORE than $500..

This doesn't come everyday.

See you at BOOTCAMP

This Page will
only Be up until