Finally Get All The Simple Secrets Of Getting In Shape Without The BS
El Tabata Es Uno De Los
Metodos Que Tenemos En
Bootcamp Es Para Cuando
Deseas Quemar Grasa ,
Desarrollar Músculo (Sin
Engordar) Y Obtener El
Impresionante Cuerpo De Tus
El Bootcamp Es Para Cuando
Deseas Quemar Grasa ,
Desarrollar Músculo (Sin
Engordar) Y Obtener El
Impresionante Cuerpo De
Tus Sueños…”

Here's the mostly-hidden "reality check" so many
have thanked me for delivering to them:

If you're just a regular person (Not an
athlete or Fitness Competitor)
struggling to
Speed Up your Metabolism ,Burn some
Excess Bodyfat, Build Some Nice Tone
and Shapely Muscle...please know this:
Your lack of success is NOT because you
aren't hip to the latest Crazy Fad Diet,
Infomercial Magic Workout,
Hypno-Diet Fit Thing
or phone App tricks...

... or because you're not following the "right"
fitness guru...

... or because you're not spending enough time on
a treadmill or weird gizmo

Nope. The Body and Fitness results you crave are
being held up because of something much
more simple... and much easier to solve.

IF you're willing to listen.

So here is the Big Damn Question #1:
Do you want to waste years
(and countless dollars) chasing after very new
gimmick, hoping for an edge?

Or are you finally ready to learn the first simple
step to unleashing the
Fat Burning Machine hiding inside you?

Okay, then. Let's get started on changing your life
From: Rafael Moret, CSCS, CPT


The people like you who are transforming the way they look,
burning fat, and toning up

... know there is NO magic voodoo to making the Body work.

Here's the formula: You find a REAL fitness program, and you
commit to it, realize that driving through a National Chain DRIVE-
Thru window is not going to get you in shape, and understand
that your muscle get that Hard, Shapely, Tone look because they
have been working.

It's really that simple.

The real fitness programs aren't hiding.
They Are NOT on your digital TV sets at 2am
And once you understand the needs of your body for fat
burning purposes or and commit to exercise, RESULTS are
flat-out easy.

So Why Isn't Everyone in Shape?

Very simple most people fall for False testimonials:

How many times do you land on a site and see all these people
saying how good so and so's product is...

Worse than that,(AND I HAVE BEEN SEEING THIS ALOT!) You land
on a site and see the same person on another site with the same
picture saying how good this other product is.

And guess what you sign up for that Fitness program and NEVER
ever see those people there.

Sure I have testimonials, and Yes I have a ton of Pictures of People
Saying "Thanks for getting me in shape" or " I looked Great at my
Wedding" or EVEN " I killed the Bathing suit round" from a Beauty
pageant contestant.

But how does that help you?

It doesn't... All it means is that these people committed to a
fitness program and Got Results..

But what if I showed YOU some "Anti- Testimonials"

The Things You Should Know If You Don't Get Started?

So Lets Start Here:

Why do you do this

If You Are Eating This

You Want Help

So That You Don't End Up Here:

Had Enough?

Well this is what you need to do NOW:

Stop Making Excuses
Stop Putting It Off
Stop Blaming The Kids
Stop Saying You Don't Have Time
Stop Saying It's TOO MUCH $$$

The buzz about our Bootcamp, is
off the charts. We keep selling out -- and
it's just for ONE works!!..We
Deliver RESULTS. Look What People Are

"In Only 45 Minutes You Can Quickly
and Easily Increase Your
Metabolism by 317%, Burn Off A Ton
Of FAT  and Build Some Quality Lean

Without "Traditional" CARDIO!"
"After feeling horrible for a few years and gaining lots of
weight, I decided to seek help and found you guys."

"I'm happy to report that I feel excellent. I am sleeping
better. I am eating small amounts of good food, five times a
day -- and have eliminated eating entire meals at Dunkin
Donuts. I have not weighed myself, but I know by the fit of
my clothes that I have lost weight. "

"My fiance says I look great. I am much more comfortable in
my body, and I'm nowhere near finished!"

"The program has allowed me to achieve great
results in a short period of time --without hunger or vast
amounts of pain."
Rafael and his bootcamps are simply
amazing! I've been taking his class for 4
months and I recommend them to anyone
who wants to tone-up, lose weight or
simply become more active. I think the
secret is that each class is different and
designed to let everyone work at their pace.

All of the excersises are as difficult as you
make them - think low impact matched with
high results. As a bride-to-be I can testify
that I'm now dress ready!

Comment by Jessica from Miami on May

Boot Camp for
Brides and Grooms

Call NOW!!
So Why Does My Boot Camp Formula Work?

Good Question!!!!

Let me explain….

A lot of times people ask and even argue with me on why I don't do any
Traditional "cardio" in my Boot Camps...

Well I usually have 1 of 2 responses, the first one is:

"Why would you pay to have someone tell you to go for a
Some people don't like that answer..

My other answer is: "Well what is your fitness goal? Is it to enhance your
cardio respiratory endurance? or Is it to Lose weight, Burn Fat, build some
lean quality muscle?

If the answer is to lose weight, Burn Fat and build lean quality
which it usually is, then I say well that's what we do in my
bootcamps..we use the most effective way possible to get you the results
you want.

"Why do we have to use resistance (weights) if I want to lose weight?" is
another question I get asked alot...

How much muscle do you need if you want to lose weight?

Here's what we know for sure - Muscle burns calories. About 5 times as
many calories as the same amount of fat does. The more lean muscle you
have..the more calories you will burn...even if you are just sitting around
doing nothing.

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue -- increase your muscle  and your
metabolism goes up, reduce your muscle  and your metabolism goes down.
Everyone agrees on that.
Yes!! I’m ready to fit into my “skinny” jeans!
Yes!! I'm ready to "Shut Down" my fat hormones!
Yes!! I'm ready for new and exciting workouts!
Yes!! I'm ready to say nope to cold parks and wet grass!
Yes!! I'm ready for results in 30 days or my money back!
Yes!! I'm ready to get pushed and motivated!

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